Friday, May 7, 2010

Freyday Free-for all - Bakersfield Photographer

Happy Freyday! Today's post includes my hometown's skyline in all it's glory. Austin is a rapidly changing town since everyone if figuring out how fantastic it is and every time I get to go 'home' a new building has popped up! SO, last week I had a few shoots in the downtown area and shot a few different ones to share. Also in today's Freyday post (again...pronounced just like Friday for those still unaware! haha) a sweet family shoot for a woman I've known since middle school! Thanks Yesenia for letting me capture your sweet, sweet family at Zilker Park!
Have a great weekend! For more of my photography, check out
(and if you're in Bakersfield today, join us at First Friday downtown on 19th street! Shutter Clique members, including myself, will be selling some prints and framed masterpieces!)

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