Friday, August 28, 2009

Bakersfield Family Portraits!

I love the Magsigs. Period. They are such an amazing family that Eric & I have had the privelege to get to know in the past year. Their 18 month old, Luke, has stolen my heart and to add to their family...a baby boy is due in just a few months! So, we met up this morning and headed to the downtown area...where I thought we'd just use the backdrop of the Bakersfield Fire Dept. building, but to our suprise, and to Luke's full enjoyment, the fire doors were open and we met the most gracious firefighter who let us take photos in and around the station!! We all had a great time...and here are a few of my quick favorites! Enjoy!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kayla's Adventure

Today is a personal post, because sometimes, events will shake you and make you realize what's special in your life...this past weekend we had quite a scare with my wonderful dog, Ms. Kayla, and it made me appreciate the instinct in my husband and even in this 16lb sweet dog to fight for her life.

To get to the meat of the story, Kayla got let out at our in-law's cabin in the Sierra's to do her thing before bedtime only to be attacked by 3 vicious mountain raccoons! Have you ever heard the sounds of squealing raccoons and a screaming dog?? Let me tell you, I was certain she was going to come back to me scratched up, bleeding, or possibly not at all.

Fortunately my barefoot husband ran out into the pitch black of the night to fend off the raccoons only to be attacked himself! Can you believe it...they lunged at his legs! By a miracle, both Eric and Kayla were unharmed, and after a quick bath to get the smell of raccoon spit and feces off of her, she seems to be back to normal! Good thing for being up to date on our rabies shots! Here's a photo of my baby today, seemingly fine and relaxing at home in her favorite nook:

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wedding Portfolio Slideshow - Jessica Frey Photography

If you haven't been following my Facebook Fan Page or Twitter, then here is my new Wedding Portfolio slideshow! It's also now featured on my website for future viewing and is a new product I'm launching for clients.

Email me for more information about how to turn your wedding or portrait session into a beautiful slideshow that is so easily shared on all social networks...along with having your very own slide show webpage and professionally printed DVD.

Here is the URL if you'd like to see the full version: VIEW SLIDESHOW URL

*In order to view, please press the PLAY arrow button and turn up the volume to hear the soft, pretty music I picked out :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Family Portraits - Shafter, CA

This evening, I got to hang out with a really great family! Their two adult kids are about to leave the nest for a while, so they called me to head out to their farm in Shafter and get some family photos. The DeJong family was wonderful and I love having great backgrounds such as alphalpha fields, almond groves, and even some dairy cows! Thanks DeJong family and enjoy your time together! I love this photo...Amanda was trying to get the cows over to the fence!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Engagement photos at Pismo Beach, CA

This weekend, I got to travel to Pismo Beach, aka the Bakersfield getaway, to meet up with the beautiful Jessica (awesome name!) and her fiancee Tony. Part of photographing outdoors...(my fav) the fun I get to have with my clients when the weather isn't perfect! I love imperfect weather and we made the best of the heavy thick fog out on the beach and at the Cliffs Resort. Which, romantically enough is where Tony proposed to the Jessica! Hense, our trip out to capture their engagement photos along with a few family shots with their adorable 6 month old! Here are a few...thanks you two for having fun with me in the fog and braving the chill of the coast in August!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Senior Summer Games 2009!

After many years of being coached by my amazing mother at my summer basketball games, I had the opportunity to watch her play with her Northern VA team at the Senior Summer Games! What an experience..and so inspiring!! I even had the chance to meet an 88 year old woman who pole vaults!! Stanford University did a great job hosting the 2009 games!

Monday, August 3, 2009

My lazy Kayla-dog

For those of you who know me, or have met with me in my studio, you've seen Miss beautiful 4 year old, West Highland Terrier. Well, the August Bakersfield heat has made my baby girl lazy! I've been up with phone meetings, lunch meetings, and editing 2 wedding albums...and I head back to my room at 2pm and see this:

Really? Had I not noticed that she hadn't been into my office for her morning belly rub? She even let me leave the room, go get my camera, and begrudgingly allow me to photograph her laziness. Anyway, thought I would share how my week has started off!