Thursday, August 27, 2009

Kayla's Adventure

Today is a personal post, because sometimes, events will shake you and make you realize what's special in your life...this past weekend we had quite a scare with my wonderful dog, Ms. Kayla, and it made me appreciate the instinct in my husband and even in this 16lb sweet dog to fight for her life.

To get to the meat of the story, Kayla got let out at our in-law's cabin in the Sierra's to do her thing before bedtime only to be attacked by 3 vicious mountain raccoons! Have you ever heard the sounds of squealing raccoons and a screaming dog?? Let me tell you, I was certain she was going to come back to me scratched up, bleeding, or possibly not at all.

Fortunately my barefoot husband ran out into the pitch black of the night to fend off the raccoons only to be attacked himself! Can you believe it...they lunged at his legs! By a miracle, both Eric and Kayla were unharmed, and after a quick bath to get the smell of raccoon spit and feces off of her, she seems to be back to normal! Good thing for being up to date on our rabies shots! Here's a photo of my baby today, seemingly fine and relaxing at home in her favorite nook:

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Gina Coon said...

WOW what a story! Glad to hear Ms. Kayla is fine. Hope Eric didn't get too scratched up. Kudos to him for saving your baby!