Monday, June 21, 2010

NEW BLOG WEBSITE: Jessica Frey Photography

Thank you for your interest in my photography blog...I've stepped it up a notch and created a newer version. Please visit or click HERE to visit.
Also, if you've bookmarked it or signed up to follow my posts, please make sure to update your links! Thanks!! -Jessica

Friday, June 18, 2010

Freyday Free-for all - Bakersfield Photographer

Hello, Frey-day! It's been an incredible week for me, and I'd love to use today's post to share all the amazing things that happened!

1) Sunday, June 13th (6 year anniversary): "Be it known that Jessica Frey has experienced the Adrenaline Rush of a Lifetime, by willfully leaving a perfectly good airplane at 13,000 feet, and flying earthward in excess of 120mph, and piloting a high tech ram air parachute to a SAFE touchdown. Thus entitiling them to be included among the elite few who can call themselves SKYKIVERS!!!!!" Yes. I did all of that. With tears and screams and possibly a few choice words :)

2) My brother took the plunge Sunday as well and is now engaged to the wonderful Megan!! I am absolutely thrilled, love them, and cannot wait for their wedding next summer!!

3) My photos from Gabrielle & Jeff's wedding were chosen as a front page feature on The Wedding Chicks Blog--the same wedding inspiration blog that featured my Alice in Wonderland photo shoot! So excited about the exposure. You can view it here: and I ask that if you have a second, please leave a comment! It helps with my rankings ;)
4) National Geographic Traveler/PDN announced that my Mt. Rushmore photo that you guys voted #5 back in May in the popular vote has now been chosen as a FINALIST by the judges to be published in the August edition of PDN where winners and the grand prize photo will be announced! YIKES!!! Thank you to everyone who voted!
5) I viewed a sneek peek at my newest Bakersfield Life cover!! I am beyond humbled and excited to now have 8 covers for them and enjoy working for such a great local magazine. This month I HAD to go to 8 bars and photograph summer drinks :) Not a bad assignment! Look for it out on June 26th in the Californian or online at www.BakersfieldLife.com6) If you've made it this far, congrats! Now for some special news as a reward....This is the end of this blog! Yup, I am in the process of creating a new blog site that is more streamlined, has bigger photos, and just lookes awesome-er. The goal is that on Monday, I'll have the new check back here for the link, or follow me on Facebook:

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vegas Wedding! Bakersfield Wedding Photographer

Last Wednesday, I got to hang out and photograph Mike & Vicki's Mandalay Bay wedding! It was so much fun to witness their love and photograph everything but the ceremony (Mandalay Bay photogs covered that) for them. Mike kept suprising Vicki with little gifts and cards throughout the day along with more bling than expected at the alter...way to go man!
From Vicki getting ready to photos in front of the famous "Welcome to Vegas" sign, here are a few of my favorites. Thanks you two for having me...beautiful wedding and sweet after-party!!!

Isn't she stunning??!! Lucky man, Mike!!

Standing outside the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel :) iPhone quality :)
Loved our trip to the ultimate "Vegas" location...the welcome sign!WE'RE MARRIED!!!!Andrew & Mike....could you guys be more fun?!
Have a great week...stay tuned for Freyday's blog post and more weddings next week!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Daniel + Esmerelda Wedding! Bakersfield Wedding Photographer

June 5th I had the honor of photographing Daniel and Esme's wedding at the beautiful San Clemente Mission here in Bakersfield. They had such a fun wedding party and I knew they'd be up for anything...mustaches I made from felt, fabulous red balloons, and of course the lovely Bakersfield weather! We took some time in between the ceremony and reception and headed out to get some unique wedding party photos and even cooled off with refreshing McDonald's beverages! Thanks you guys for a wonderful day...Congratulations! Enjoy your sneak peek!Do you like our mustaches?Very FUN and awesome Wedding party....
The fabulously multi-talented Jennifer Williams: and a quick shot of me in action:To the family and guests of the wedding, please register to view the photos at:

Friday, June 11, 2010

Freyday - My Anniversary!

I love Freyday's! Especially in June since it's time to gear up for another beautiful Saturday wedding. I'm especially looking forward to tomorrow's wedding at the Noriega & Marriott hotel, and the awesome vendors I'm getting the pleasure to work with!

On another note, since this is my 'personal' day to post I also get to celebrate my 6th Anniversary being Mrs. Eric Frey this weekend and am so excited! It feels like yesterday we got married in Texas and I love that I got to scan in (yes, scan...back in 2004 photographers were not using digital, can you believe it!) some of my favorites. My photographer shot all in 5x5 film, which I actually have never seen again. Here are a few I wanted to share and say Thank you again to my family, Eric's family, our wedding party, and all of our friends and family who were there to witness our special day!
June 13, 2004 Wimberley, Texas
Old Glory Ranch
Eric's only decision on the wedding was that he wanted miniature donkeys...who carried water bottles in baskets to our guests during cocktail hour :) Only in Texas!
Oh better belive I had some "glass" slippers to ride in my carriage with my prince charming! Love this shot of our wedding party :)