Friday, June 11, 2010

Freyday - My Anniversary!

I love Freyday's! Especially in June since it's time to gear up for another beautiful Saturday wedding. I'm especially looking forward to tomorrow's wedding at the Noriega & Marriott hotel, and the awesome vendors I'm getting the pleasure to work with!

On another note, since this is my 'personal' day to post I also get to celebrate my 6th Anniversary being Mrs. Eric Frey this weekend and am so excited! It feels like yesterday we got married in Texas and I love that I got to scan in (yes, scan...back in 2004 photographers were not using digital, can you believe it!) some of my favorites. My photographer shot all in 5x5 film, which I actually have never seen again. Here are a few I wanted to share and say Thank you again to my family, Eric's family, our wedding party, and all of our friends and family who were there to witness our special day!
June 13, 2004 Wimberley, Texas
Old Glory Ranch
Eric's only decision on the wedding was that he wanted miniature donkeys...who carried water bottles in baskets to our guests during cocktail hour :) Only in Texas!
Oh better belive I had some "glass" slippers to ride in my carriage with my prince charming! Love this shot of our wedding party :)

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Nina said...

Congratulations Jess!!!! Hope you and Eric get a chance to relax and celebrate :)!!!! You were such a GORGEOUS bride!!! Love all of these photos!!! :)