Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Vegas Wedding! Bakersfield Wedding Photographer

Last Wednesday, I got to hang out and photograph Mike & Vicki's Mandalay Bay wedding! It was so much fun to witness their love and photograph everything but the ceremony (Mandalay Bay photogs covered that) for them. Mike kept suprising Vicki with little gifts and cards throughout the day along with more bling than expected at the alter...way to go man!
From Vicki getting ready to photos in front of the famous "Welcome to Vegas" sign, here are a few of my favorites. Thanks you two for having me...beautiful wedding and sweet after-party!!!

Isn't she stunning??!! Lucky man, Mike!!

Standing outside the Mandalay Bay Wedding Chapel :) iPhone quality :)
Loved our trip to the ultimate "Vegas" location...the welcome sign!WE'RE MARRIED!!!!Andrew & Mike....could you guys be more fun?!
Have a great week...stay tuned for Freyday's blog post and more weddings next week!


JenW said...

Vicki looked stunning! and Mike looked pretty GQ himself. How fun!! They were so lucky to have you guys there.

jude said...

stunning shots..gorgeous!snaps wedding photographers accent in his job..