Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Joe + Sofie Engagements - Bakersfield Wedding Photographer

I can't believe it, but I've lived in Bakersfield for exactly 2 years this month. In those two years, I've really come to love our downtown and how unique it is with so many awesome buildings to work photographs around. When Joe & Sofie told me they wanted their engagement session to represent "Bakersfield" I couldn't have been more excited to do an evening photo walk with them. During our walk, Joe informed me of all the locations he grew up going to with his grandparents and parents. There's so much history and I'm honored to be able to photograph this new legacy that Sofie an he will build together!This next photograph was fun since we actually got yelled at by the cops who were conveniently across the street...we decided it was worth it though to get this shot! How stunning are these two?!

We also stopped at Jastro park, which holds a lot of meaning since Joe's grandparents first met there on the exact same tennis courts!
These two loved to dance and it was so fun watching them as though no one was watching :)
Thank you Joe & Sofie for a fun evening getting to know you two better! I can't wait for your wedding!! www.JessicaFreyPhotography.com

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JenW said...

Love her outfits! Stunning! My favorite shot is the one in the middle of the street! That was so worth it!