Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Class of 2010! Bakersfield Photographer

You've seen this stylish senior before (blog post here) but she wanted to do a second shoot out in a field that represented more of her culture. So, we took a chair and she said she'd bring a few bangles and pillows....and she showed up with the most amazing set of at least 500 beautiful, colorful bangles I've ever seen and some really awesome pillows! I love how personal it was and enjoyed getting to see her again. Rupsy, good luck with your last few weeks of high school and I wish you nothing but the best next year at CSUB! Congratulations!For more of Jessica's portfolio and information on how to book your own unique photo shoot, visit


JenW said...

Man... seeing stuff like this makes me hate my senior pictures!! People weren't doing this kind of stuff back then. :) Beautiful!

Jessica Frey Photography said...

I know, Jen! I posted my HS senior photo on the blog a few weeks ago with a hair light and fake smiles and poses. Can we go back and re-do? :) haha!