Thursday, February 11, 2010

Strong Women - Bakersfield Photographer

This week's Freyday post is more of a constant thought I've had in my head for the past few days...

I've had a mixture of events this week that all seem to culminate with "strong women". I'd like to think I'm a part of that category and was raised to be a hard worker who could start and run her own business. I've been blessed the past 7 days with meeting so many inspiring women who left me in awe of what they've accomplished in their lifetime. The majority of these experiences came from my March assignment for
Bakersfield Life (I'll be able to post photos soon...or you can see it on newstands Feb 27th) that I am so proud of. I find it energizing and uplifiting to see what can be accomplished when you put your mind to something and work hard for it.

While looking back at the women I met and photographed this week, my mother sent me a 30 page autobiography of my grandmother that she had been working on while being snowed it. My grandmother, Mrs. Betty Jane, is an incredible woman who served as a Lt. in the Air Force and a trained Flight Nurse. Check out this stunning photo I just received:
And this one, which reminds me why I love being a wedding photographer: Getting to capture weddings, love and memories that your grandkids will look back on is so special for me. I love that my job allows me the opportunity to freeze history just as the photographer did for my grandparents back in 1951.
I hope you all have a sweet Valentine's Day weekend... Jessica

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Dana said...

Jessica, you did an amazing job capturing these women's true personalities, through their eyes, their smiles and their spirits. I am so fortunate that the magazine gave YOU the assignment, because I think that only a woman could have captured the true beauty I envisioned in this article.

P.S. For some reason, the beauty of the barn photo in b&w made me cry. :)) Well done!