Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freyday Free-for all - Bakersfield Photographer

Happy Freyday everyone! This week, I wanted to share my thoughts on styling your photo shoots. I worked on a promotional shoot for my photography yesterday and spent time thinking of how I wanted my photos to come out prior to setting up the shoot. What colors did I want to use, how did I want the makeup, what type of background would suit my concept.....

If you get creative and plan out the look you want, we can work together to make your ideas come to life. This goes for family portraits, engagement session, even style up your baby! As a professional photographer, I get excited to know that a professional event desinger has been hired to make weddings look what you see in magazines. That doesn't just happen by chance, but by lots of planning and thinking about the details. I've had the opportunity to see My Sorted Affair's designs, and always push for my brides to use a design, to work on a theme, to get will make for better photos, and doesn't always need to cost a fortune!

Look through magazines, look online...bring me clipings of what you'd like your 'look' to be styled around. It can just be the era of clothing you'd like to go for, it can be a neat prop that you found at an antique store, it can be designed around what you like to do, your hobbies....the more creative the better!

And since I mentioned it, here is a quick sneak peak from yesterday's photo shoot here in Bakersfield....I love spring!

Full post of photos coming next week! Thank you's go out to Jenny of Little White Dress, Sylvia Perez of F.L.Y. makeup, Jolie Chaidez for hair, Ashley for modeling, and Jenn S for being the Jay Manuel to my Nigel Barker :)

Jessica Frey Photography:


JenWill said...

That photo is stunning!!!! I of course, love the yellow! ;) can't wait to see more.

Sylvia said...

omg.. omg.. omg!!! AMAZING!! Jessica this pic is soo gorgeous!

Jessica Frey Photography said...

Thanks ladies!! I'll do a full post on Monday :)

Therese Dozier said...

I Love this! I agree! Getting the most out of such a talent like yourself is well worth thinking about..Not that you need any help to make you look incredible!