Monday, February 8, 2010

Navarro-Olivo Family - Bakersfield Photographer

Laughter is so contagious...and this family had it going on! We did their first family 'portraits' last weekend and I had SO much fun getting to know them. Our hour included Michael Jackson dance-offs, karate, Shamu, sweet Converse shoes, plenty of corny jokes to last a lifetime and some pretty fun memories. How do you catch a unique rabbit? Thanks Navarro-Olivo family for letting me spend my afternoon with you!!!
This is the reaction I get when I tell a joke...about a unique rabbit.And of course, what photo shoot isn't complete without the wild calling of Shamu the whale?! If you've been to SeaWorld, you know the call sign... Are you ready to book some lifestyle portraits where we have fun, laugh, and capture your family's personality? Then contact Jessica today!


NathanBaldwin said...

What a great spot Jess! I want you to shoot my band here!

Kimberly Navarro said...

Jessica, thank you so much for the beautiful photos of our family! We had so much fun as you captured moments that will last a lifetime! We cannot thank you enough!

Jessica Frey Photography said...

Nathan- ANYTIME!! You know I'm up for it!

Kimberly- You're more than welcome! It was my pleasure :)