Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dog Photos! Bakersfield Photographer

Puppies! Yes, I am a dog-lover....and as most of you know, my 'baby' is my puppy, Miss Kayla. When my good friends wanted to include their bulldog, Rugsby in their family photo shoot this year I was excited. We had SO much fun using my sqeeky toys to get her attention! Rugsby was a good sport (who doesn't love a dog in a scarf?!) and I love the personality I was able to capture from her :) (the humans did well also..haha!) Plus, all you Fresno fans will enjoy this!Want to include your dog in your family photo? Contact Jessica today to book your date! March & April are filling up fast, especially for the wildflower and almond orchards! Jessica@JessicaFreyPhotography.com
Also, I'd like to take this post to promote my good friends and dog-sitter Marv & Lynn of Fetch Pet Care. If you don't like leaving your pet in a kennel while you're out of town, call them for any pet-sitting needs you have. I completely trust them and feel so comfortable knowing my dog is in the best of hands whenever we have to leave her behind. Tell them I sent you!


JenWill said...

Hey! - go bulldogs!! :-) that dog is sooooo cute!

Lauryn Marette said...

These are awesome! Bulldogs normally look sad or angry naturally, but this one looks so happy! I'll need to get some tips from you on how to take photos with animals.