Thursday, January 28, 2010

1st Freyday Free-for-all! Bakersfield Photographer

Welcome to the very 1st installment of my new blog post that will occur every Friday...hence the pun on my last name..Frey (for those of you who don't know, Frey is pronounced just like Fri or Fry or Frye!) I'm going to use these posts as a 'free for all' and hopefully share with you what's going on in my week behind the camera. (Scroll down for this weeks "Likes & Dislikes)

Speaking of getting to know me better, I've started using Formspring as another tool to have a bit of fun and answer client/photography/life questions. Click on this link: and ask away! See the screen capture below:
This week...


*Wolfgang Puck pizza!! I have fallen for the goat cheese, spinach & mushroom pizza with mozzarella, basil, and fresh tomato slices. yum!
Dinner My Way! It's a place in Bakersfield off Coffee that makes dinner for you...and you just bring it home and eat it! I have 6 meals waiting to be eaten next more cereal for dinner! (which also means having a happy husband...another like.)
* As seen on the previous post, I got a awarded by Central CA brides as a top 2010 photographer! Super excited and thankful to be recognized!
*Bakersfield Life Magazine - Check your Saturday newspaper, the new Feb. issue will be inside...with a cover by me!


*Starbucks wi-fi. I have an iTouch, so I have to steal internet and AT&T has made it difficult for me to figure out the "free" Starbucks wifi. Anyone know how to combat that??!
*Having surgery. I'll be in the OR on Monday to have a cyst removed from my wrist. boo.
*Not being at Lake Tahoe anymore! We had such an awesome week-long trip to relax, ski and enjoy the snow. If you want to see some photos, check out my gallery at
Jessica Frey Photography The first 7 are from Tahoe.

And since photography posts seem empty without photos, here's one for you of my baby, Miss Kayla!


Caitlin said...

I think I can help you with your Starbucks internet problem. Starbucks doesn't have free wi-fi so that is probably the first problem. and secondly, if you get a Starbucks card and register it you get 2 free hours a day. But, no Starbuck does not have "free" internet : ( unfortunately

Eric said...

I was just about to mention the same thing about the Starbucks card. Register it, and when you go and purchase a drink, you get two free hours of wi-fi.

Jessica Frey Photography said...

Caitlin, I'm so coming in while you're working...I have a registered starbucks card but cannot seem to log into the main AT&T page for the free 2 hours...hmmm?!

Caitlin said...

have you set up an account? i can help you. or just give you my password lol and you can just do it with that.