Friday, April 2, 2010

Freyday Free-for all Travel post - Bakersfield Photographer

Simply put, last Freyday was awesome. I got to check off one of my 'to-do before I die' things with my dad and bike across the Golden Gate bridge. Turns out, it's quite a workout, but a stunningly beautiful cool day made it all worth it. Plus, spending time with my family is always important to me! Here are a few of my personal travel photos for me to document and remember and if you keep going down, you'll find some of my landscape/skyline photos from the trip. Enjoy!Being the Texas family that we are, I sported my A&M gear while my dad wore his not so cool t.u. shirt...and of course we were stopped by several people who didn't understand how we could stand next to each other :) Gotta love college rivalries! View of San Fran from the other side of the bay: Of course we made a trip to Bourdain's to get some yummy fresh sourdough. I love the animals they're able to make! We stayed in Nob Hill, so I was able to capture some awesome skyline shots at different times during the day...I think the last shot is my favorite! I hope you all have a wonderful Good Friday and enjoy Easter Sunday!


andrea said...

Seriously looks like lots of fun!!

Brock Wade Price said...

SO COOL - Love the Biking, Love the Photos, and of course the togetherness you had with your Father.