Friday, April 23, 2010

10 Years Have Flown By! Austin Wedding Photographer

Ya'll, it's Freyday!! In honor of being 'home' in Austin, Texas and my 10 year High School reunion around the corner (sigh...really? 10 years already?!) I wanted to share with you MY senior portraits as a proud member of the Class of 2000! Feel free to laugh...even my own mother didn't recognize me when these prints came back to us. I'd never had my hair done that way and never wore that much I guess here are my 'glamour' shots:This is the reason that when I photograph HS Seniors, we make sure to get their true personality in a relaxed and fun atmosphere :) So that when you look back in 2020 (yikes!) you're not laughing too much at what you used to look like!
Have a great weekend...I can't wait to share photos from tomorrow's Austin wedding at the Driskilll Hotel!

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Jen said...

Oh this made my day... I was laughing pretty hard - not gonna lie. :) Love that you shared these!!!