Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Santa Barbara Engagements - Wedding Photographer

Before leaving for WPPI, I had the opportunity to see one of my brides that currently lives in Virginia. She was home for a few days and asked if we could do their engagement photos in Santa Barbara where these two love birds met. Santa Barbara is one of my favorite cities in California and of course we had the perfect day of 70 degree weather and the warm California sun to work with! It was evident from the moment I jumped in the car with these two how happy and in love they radiated as bright as the sun all day as Matt continued to keep a gorgeous smile on Jenny's face. Thanks you two for sharing stories with me, for showing me what "The Spot" hamburger was, for driving slowly around treacherous curves, and for a wonderful day ended in a stunning sunset! I can't wait for your wedding!
We had some fun in a candy store/gift shop....
And then hit the beach where they would hang out after classes...what a life :) Then top it all off with a great little hike and this awesome spot up in the mountains to watch the sunset:

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Sara Tichelaar from the Netherlands said...

I love love love your work!