Thursday, November 19, 2009

Family & Baby Portraits - San Francisco Photographer

A week and a half ago, I got to head up to the San Francisco area to see family and take some photos! My cousin Eric is in the Coast Guard and now that his family is stationed in the San Francisco area instead of A.L.A.S.K.A....I get to see them more often and meet their oh so beautiful (I might be biased being that we share blood dna, or whatever) daughter! Here are a few from our trip into the city to document Cerys' first year of life with some touristy backdrops. And did I mention I got treated to some YUMMY sourdough-bread lunch at Bourdain's? mmmmm...mouth watering yumminess.

For more information on portraits for your family or baby, email Jessica at: or visit the website: Jessica Frey Photography


Anonymous said...

I have a really cute baby. I'm not gonna even sugar coat it. Can you sugar coat something that's already nice? I don't know. But, thanks once again to Jessica for absolutely gorgeous photos!

Andrew Skelton said...

I love babies... the only problem is that you have to give them back to their parents!

I love the shots Jessica. I can't wait for the next lunch hangout. Patrick is gonna call in the Indian food card on this one.