Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Central California Photography Safari!

Two weekends ago, another photographer and I drove leisurely up the California Coast looking for beautiful things to photograph! We started in Cambria, CA and ended up in Big Sur. It was a cold weekend (nice change of pace from the Bakersfield HEAT!) but there was SO much fog covering up the ocean and, here are some inland photos and a few coast pictures. Enjoy!!! p.s. if anyone is looking to get married at a cute location check the Cambra Pines Lodge out! The Big Sur bridge...I named these two beautiful horses Butterscotch and Reese's...
This was the most picturesque farm home I've ever seen!

An old farm truck that was begging to be photographed.
Another bridge, School house down from Hearst Castle, and some beautiful red leaves.
Just a few of the amazing flowers at the Cambria Pines Lodge:

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